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Belinda Akeyo is 24 years old and lives in Kisumu County, Kenya, a region with high rate of school drop outs due to teen pregnancy, early marriage and poverty. She started her schooling in Thurdibuoro Mixed Secondary in 2011. However, while at form 2, she had to drop out of school due to early pregnancy as her sponsor stopped paying her fees because he felt disappointed by the fact that she had gotten pregnant in the course of her schooling. Her parents, especially her father became abusive to her and didn’t want to be associated with her. This resulted in her being depressed for some time due to rejection.


She had stayed home for 6 months and later learnt about NIGEE that was enrolling girls into its programmes of returning to school those who had dropped out due to teen pregnancy, early marriage and poverty. Her school principle contacted her and linked her to the NIGEE staff and the results of the talk was she agreed to go back to school.

She was re-enrolled in Thurdibuoro Mixed Secondary and had her school fees paid by NIGEE till she finished her secondary education in 2015. After her form 4, she was called to join the Girls Empowerment Centre (GEC) and learnt of the courses offered there which are tailoring and dressmaking, hair dressing and computer classes. She opted to take up computer classes because it was her area of interest. She completed the course within a period of 3 months and was informed about the Employment Bureau that linked her to NIGEE as a paid volunteer. From the money she gets, she is able to support her child and provide for his needs and part of it goes to helping her parents at home. Through that,


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